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Over time, industries have each become more unionized and, as a result, have constructed general guidelines and regulations that restrict the ways they can conduct their business. Although much of this was done with good intentions, it has led many entrepreneurs and their businesses to conform themselves to an expected way of doing business. Certain restrictions may impose limitations on companies, but it doesn’t mean that business owners can’t be creative within their industries.

Listed below are three entrepreneurs who have disrupted industry norms.

Elon Musk – Founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX

Elon Musk has become a household name, and much of it is due to his ability to be a forward-thinking entrepreneur who looks past limitations and finds room for growth. He is someone who is innovative at his very core, constantly evolving his businesses and reevaluating their impact on society as a whole. Failure is not an option for Elon, who takes these setbacks and turns them into opportunities. Where much of humanity has set imaginary limitations, Elon has already pushed through mentally and has developed a formative approach. Looking forward, Elon has his sights set on colonizing Mars.

Shannon Goldberg – Founder and CEO of Izzy Beauty Inc.

Every beauty aisle you’ve walked through in any grocery store has one thing in common: plastic, plastic, plastic. Shannon Goldberg, a seasoned marketer, innovator and product developer in the beauty industry, set out to introduce change to this $511 billion industry in 2020. She founded Izzy Beauty Inc., a zero-waste beauty brand that offers sustainable options to the always-present customer base in this industry. Especially inspired by her desire to provide this for her daughter, Shannon has now shown the world that it is possible to create sustainable beauty habits without forfeiting the quality of products.

Reshma Saujani – Founder of Girls Who Code

Although she goes by the titles of “lawyer,” “politician” and “civil servant,” Reshma Saujani is also a vibrant entrepreneur who launched Girls Who Code in 2012. Seeing a gender gap in the computer science industry but also realizing the vast number of females who have a passion in this area, Reshma set out to make computer programming more accessible and inclusive. Since its launch, Reshma and her team have impacted over 90,000 girls who dreamt of pursuing a career in this area. Her current goal is to close the computer science gender gap by 2027, which she is well on track to do.