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 Feedback is essential to business growth. It is vital for everyone to keep track of what they are doing well and what they need to improve in order to keep themselves motivated and improving. In a time of uncertainty and anxiety, small business owners and entrepreneurs need to master the art of feedback.

Unfortunately, many people associate feedback with events like performance reviews. According to a survey conducted by the Gallup organization, only 14% of employees believe that performance reviews motivate them. On the other hand, most people are inspired by the desire to look ahead and get the best possible feedback in the future.


Be a Coach

Performance reviews can’t work if people don’t get the results they need. According to experts, we should start adopting a coaching-based feedback system that’s focused on providing real-time feedback and making the most of it. This method can help people improve their performance and identify areas of their strengths.

One of the main aspects that differentiates coaching and feedback is that the former focuses on the employee’s role and doesn’t consider the other factors such as personal development or professional growth. On the other hand, the latter is more about being able to connect with the individual and helping them reach their goals.


Try the “Feedback Sandwich” Technique

The Feedback Sandwich is a model where you provide constructive criticism between two positive critiques. This method can help people improve their performance and identify areas of their strengths.

This technique provides a statement of appreciation or praise for the individual. After you have opened up, you can then start by framing your feedback in terms of past performance or potential improvement. You can then conclude by thanking the individual for their efforts and stating how they contribute to the company’s success.


Play to Your Strengths

Although the term agile has been around for a long time in the business world, it is still not exactly clear what it means. According to a McKinsey study, agility is the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment.

Performance review systems are more likely to lock us into a job title and a specific role instead of helping us develop and implement new strategies and methods. Coaching using your strengths is more agile because it allows us to shift our focus to the future. One of the main reasons why coaching is more effective is because it focuses on the individual’s strengths instead of the role. This method allows people to identify their potential and develop new roles.


Take Care of Yourself

You can’t inspire others unless you are mindful of your well-being and energy. Small business owners and entrepreneurs operate under different rules. While their workweek is shorter and more demanding, burnout is possible. Regardless of how passionate you are about your company, it is still essential to take care of yourself.

Pandemic fatigue is a common condition that affects people who are constantly in the middle of uncertainty. It is essential that we fuel ourselves with the kind of feedback that will motivate and inspire our team members.